NetBizScore eliminates the burden of managing your online directory services and makes sure your customers can find you. From fixing and maintaining your directory listings, to building, hosting, and maintaining a professional website, to integration with social networks, NetBizScore has a level of service for you.

Starting at just $30 per month per business location, NetBizScore will review the status of your directory listings, establish ownership of the listings if needed, update all location information, and align all content between your directory listing and your website (if you have a website). Each month NetBizScore will review and update listings as needed. If you would like more frequent updates you can purchase additional updates for $20 per event.

For $70 per month and a two year commitment per location, NetBizScore will also create and host a professional website that is optimized for integration with directory services and includes analytics. Having a professional website will produce better search rankings, and allow you to provide additional information on your business, products, and services.

For $220 per month NetBizScore will add Social Networking updates to the services listed above. NetBizScore will provide weekly updates across FaceBook, Instagram, Google My Business, and your website. 

Discounts provided for multi-year commitments and annual plans. Please contact us for more information.

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