Industry Experts

ModelMinded Software has deep experience in a number of industries, including financial services, healthcare, and network infrastructure. We have the team and the leadership to quickly join your project and understand your goals. That means we can be productive earlier and deliver success. If you want to learn more about our history and project success request a free consultation.

Technology Leaders

Technical innovation happens at all levels of an organization, but when it comes to your products, services, and infrastructure you need to have a technology vision that aligns with your business goals. The majority of business applications in use today are based on technology that is ten years old or older. How you keep moving forward, and capture or maintain your competitive position in the market, will depend in part on how you chart your path to new, value-producing technologies. We can help you not only understand how and where you can innovate, but we can implement your strategies using the latest proven technologies. Contact us today to learn more.

Sound Development Practices

For over 15 years ModelMinded Software has been providing software development services, establishing the best practices and methodologies required to  produce quality products and services on time and on budget. We use the best Agile methodologies for your team and project. 

  • We can provide resources to augment your team and work within your best practices, or help establish a development process that works for your project and provide a fully-staffed team of project managers, program manager, developers, and quality assurance professionals.
  • We provide timely and transparent reporting of all activities, schedules, and deliverables.
  • We can take your product from concept, to prototype, to market validation, to launch, and we will stick with you to refine and enhance your offering to meet your business goals.
  • We secure and protect your intellectual property and make sure your technology investment returns real corporate value. It is important not only to bring products to market quickly, but to have the best practices that support rapid evolution, re-use, and extension of the product through generations.  

Latest News

Track technology trends that impact product development and operations on our blog, and learn more about how ModelMinded Software can help organizations succeed.

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